The revolution is here!

Born on the backs of babes 

After gestating in the womb

Of the Divine Feminine

As she continues to rise  

Our children 

Our blessed brave children 

Lead the way 

Standing tall

Tears in their eyes

Truth pouring from their hearts

Sick of the lies 

And demanding a fresh start

Their lives and liberties are at stake

And they have taken all they will take

No more!

Bowing to mindless excuses 

No more!

Accepting that it is useless

To fight the powers that be

No, they recognize 

That it is us

The people 

Who must choose to be free

So they march and they rally 

They cry and they speak

They are silent and sick 

They swarm the internet 

And the streets

They are demanding change 

And they are not gonna wait 

To be old enough to vote

To change how we legislate 


The need is sky high 

And the violence is spread wide 

Black and brown children 

Being shot down by cops 

All ages of students 

Being terrorized in schools and shot 

Gun violence from 

Sea to shining sea

Only paralleled 

By the supreme violence 

Of white supremacy 

The oppression and segregation 

The insanity and the madness

The youth understand 

That it is ours to harness

We cannot wait

We cannot waiver 

We cannot play it politically safe

Or negotiate with terror 

We demand equanimity 

We demand safety and peace 

We demand an end to the injustice 

We demand to be free 

It is the youth 

Who are not afraid 

Of these truths 

Blessed be

We have the youth

To lead the way 

And help us to see 


So listen 


And release your fear and doubt 

It is time to join the fight 

It is time to scream and shout: 

“We’re not gonna take it!

This whole paradigm is fucked.

We will no longer be complicit,

We will no longer pass the buck! 

We rise up 

and take a stand 

For every non-binary, woman, 

femme, trans, child and man!

We all deserve the freedom 

To live without fear!

We all deserve our freedom 

And the time is here!

We reject this mass delusion 

Of colonization and shame!

We reject the patriarchy 

And we no longer avoid the blame.

We understand this problem is ours

That it lives inside all of us.

We will now raise the bar 

And earn the future generations’ trust.

No backing down,

It’s time for hard work.

Time to go within 

And heal our own shit first.

Time to be in community 

To listen to the needs of the oppressed.

Time to put aside our differences

And rally around ending injustice.

Time to offer reparations

To those with stolen land and bodies.

Time to take over the system!

Time to start a new odyssey!”


To the youth 

Who lead

Who inspire

Who grieve

I thank you 

From the depths of my heart 

You fuel my strength 

And my fire 

And I’m hungry to be a part

Of •YOUR movement 

Of your war cry 

I trust you and I bow 

To the wisdom you provide

Thank you 

Isn’t really enough 

To express

The joy your revolution brings me

The gratitude and happiness

I have been waiting for you 

All of my life 

And now that you are here

I follow you into the fight 

May Spirit bless you 

And keep you 

Safe and protected 

In all things 

May you always have the 

Strength and courage 

To let your hearts and souls sing 

I raise my voice to join you

And we sing in sweet harmony 

This is the beginning 

Of our new era 

And of fulfilling our divine destinies 


To all my relations

I see you 

And I love you

Join us in this good fight 

In this righteous cause

This is for us all

So we can leave behind this dark night 

Facing the east 

We approach the coming light 

And we rise 

steadily we rise 

Creating the balance

That resonates right

This is for Gaia

For all of her beings 

This is our birthright 

our sacred new beginning 


You have my sword

My heart’s steel 

I give you my word

And my ability to heal

I serve humanity 

I serve Gaia

And all of her beings 

I serve the cosmos 

And the Divine Mother’s 

Sacred dreams 

I will not give up hope

I will not fold

I will help us transmute 

Our suffering like lead

Into to divine gold

Trusting in the present 

And the prophecies foretold 

Embracing this task 

Fierce, loving and bold


I walk now with you 

In this world 

And always 

My heart beats remind 

Me of the lives taken away 

Trusting the movement 

Of Spirit through us all

Trusting the rising 

The always follows 

The fall