And so here we are 

In a time of newness 

A time of upendedness 

A time of Uranus in Taurus 

No more playing it safe 

Or keeping the shift at bay

A time of revolutionary change 

Is here to stay 

While fear is around 

About this rebel taking ground 

And the unknown change that will abound 

I welcome the sound 

Maybe it’s the Aquarius in me 

With Uranus as my ruling planetary 

I hunger for new beginnings 

For revolutions and upending 

This nightmarish society of ours 

Has left so many deep wounds and scars 

On all of our hearts 

And all of Gaia’s parts 

So it is damn well time for a new start 

And, yes it will be hard 

But we can embrace it 

And make it ours 

Time to step it up

No more passing the buck 

If we want freedom 

It is up to us 

Turn inward and know thyself 


Love and heal yourself 


Then take that medicine 

Out into the world 


Be your true self 

And be no one else 

Be the revolution 

In all that you do 

And encourage others 

To be the revolution too

Shifting culture starts 

With me and you 

And how we live our lives 

And speak our truths 

Embrace this astrological shift 

Embrace that we need to deal with the shit 

Of this culture and society we’ve been living in 

Do not back away from it 

Or you will be consumed by it 

Face it 

Name it 

And change it 

From the inside out 

That’s what this revolution is all about 

A new culture and society 

Starts with new systems inside of me 

And that shapes the way 

I shape my reality 

And in turn how I interact with society 

It’s not about the powers that be 

Having the authority 

Nah, that’s you and me 

The ants outnumber the grasshoppers, you see

Don’t listen to their conspiracy 

Designed to keep you 


And compliant 

And right where they want you to be 

Instead, listen to your own heart! 

This wisdom of •your soul 

Which only •you can know 

That is what will set you free 

And a free individual 

Is a miracle 

Because it’s radical 

And when we join together 

It’s almost comical 

How simple this change can be 

Free individuals 

Coming together in unity 

Celebrating our diversity 

Interconnected by the Great Mystery 

With love in our hearts 

Peace in our hands 

We welcome this new start 

We courageously take a stand 

No longer do we accept 

The violence and racism 

No longer will we tolerate 

The bullying of patriarchy and capitalism 

No longer will we allow 

This insanity that we live in 

From here on out 

We stand for truth and authenticity 

From here on out 

We co-create peace and equanimity 

From here on out 

We seek to balance out duality 

It’s a long road 

We’re not naive 

But it’s a long road we must walk 

Because, yes:


Grounded in love 

Connected to our sources 

From below and above 

We carry the torch of spirit 

The light of truth 

And it shall never be doused


Or put out 

No matter what we do 

This is the light that the universe 

Is quite literally all about 

And it’s time has come 

To rise again 

Like the sun 

And shift this planet 

And all the life on it 

Back into alignment

With the truth we once all knew 

That all life is sacred 

That all life is interconnected too 

We are all one grand mysterious one 

And all one fractal diverse many 

We are all embodied spirit 

Magically alive in this happening 

The moment is now 

So be present in it 

Embracing who you are is how 

So get on with it 

Love your soul 

And love your kin 

Respect all life 

And forgive the sins 

Be kind and compassionate 

Be fierce and bold 

Live with integrity 

And break your own old mold

Awaken and arise 

Ground and align 

Become the change you seek 

Because now it the time 

Uranus is in Taurus now 

And how good it is 

Time come on out 

And be your one authentic 

reflection of spirit