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My Current Walk on My Medicine Path

My Current Walk on My Medicine Path

As I continue to do the work—to dismantle and heal the white supremacy within me, to connect with my ancestors and my heritage, to honor the unique expression of my soul and its own ancient Truth renewed and reimagined in this lifetime—I weave together the tapestry of me. Of my own healing and liberation. Of my own medicine path.

Taurus New Moon - Uranus in Taurus


Taurus New Moon - Uranus in Taurus

And so here we are 

In a time of newness 

A time of upendedness 

A time of Uranus in Taurus 

No more playing it safe 

Or keeping the shift at bay

A time of revolutionary change 

Is here to stay 

While fear is around 

About this rebel taking ground 

And the unknown change that will abound 

I welcome the sound 

Maybe it’s the Aquarius in me 

With Uranus as my ruling planetary 

I hunger for new beginnings 

For revolutions and upending 

This nightmarish society of ours 

Has left so many deep wounds and scars 

On all of our hearts 

And all of Gaia’s parts 

So it is damn well time for a new start 

And, yes it will be hard 

But we can embrace it 

And make it ours 

Time to step it up

No more passing the buck 

If we want freedom 

It is up to us 

Turn inward and know thyself 


Love and heal yourself 


Then take that medicine 

Out into the world 


Be your true self 

And be no one else 

Be the revolution 

In all that you do 

And encourage others 

To be the revolution too