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My Current Walk on My Medicine Path

My Current Walk on My Medicine Path

As I continue to do the work—to dismantle and heal the white supremacy within me, to connect with my ancestors and my heritage, to honor the unique expression of my soul and its own ancient Truth renewed and reimagined in this lifetime—I weave together the tapestry of me. Of my own healing and liberation. Of my own medicine path.

Me Too


Me Too

Me too, 
I'm tired of this shit
I don't want this for our children
this can't be the world they live in
we can't keep this going
this rape culture of old
the powers that be think it's fitting
and don't want us to break the mold
but we have broken our silence
and that's just the beginning
wait till they see what else we're up to
wait till they see what else is coming
as privileged men take notice
of how many of their sisters and brothers
have been assaulted and abused
they can no longer deny it
they can no longer make an excuse
for their own behaviors
and the ways they subtly participate
for the ways they take advantage
in this culture of rape
because the truth of the matter
is that they are suffering too
exiled from their tender emotions
it's a whole other kind of abuse
because they will be outcasted and accosted
for their sadness or pain
they have to adopt the Machismo
and hide their hearts in shame
they've live so long so disconnected
that they don't understand the pain
that is caused by their power and privilege
so they look elsewhere for blame
for their frustration and anxiety
for their loneliness too
and then they respond how they can
in the ways the patriarchy tells them to
But as we stand in our truths
of the anger, hurt and shame
all of us brave me-too'ers
We're teaching them that they can do the same
That it is safe to feel
That it is brave to heal
That community is the deal
That having emotions is real
We are creating a NEW culture
of honesty, bravery, and communication
or accountability and shared power
of consent and equal participation
We are shifting the game
and it's about damn time
we are demanding a change
and creating a new paradigm


White Shaman

White Shaman

...As a white person

My skin and privilege point to the history 

Of oppression and violence

The Colonization Legacy

This Culture of Control

That has done everything, 

it can to devastate and eliminate 

The Shamanic ways from the lands 

To oppress and erase 

The natural uprising of Spirit

Through a culture that reflects 

That ALL life is sacred...

To My White Sisters in the Spiritual Community


To My White Sisters in the Spiritual Community

...White supremacy privileges me

And everyone else white or lite skinned too

And while we may find this disgusting

It doesn't matter if we don't address the issue 

We can feel uncomfortable 

We can feel guilty and sad

We can even feel horrified

Rageful and beyond mad 

But what good are these feelings

If they are just felt and not acted upon

What good is it to be silent 

When you know racism is wrong 

As a white skinned woman

I have a responsibility 

To turn that pedestal into a platform 

And use it to denounce white supremacy 

Because in our society my voice is more valued 

And given more room to be heard 

It's an ethical humanitarian obligation 

To shout BLACK LIVES MATTER, and spread the word

That this hate and fear of darker skin

Is unacceptable and unwelcomed...