Me too, 
I know this pain
I know this shame, from
The violence that came
and took things from me
like security, worthiness
and a sense of safety
It swept me under layers
of shadows and shame
Taught me that my own body
wasn't even mine to claim
I was told to be silent
I was told it was my fault
I was told that I was supposed to like it
So I hid my heart in a vault
I tucked it away
To keep my light safe
And pieces of my soul hid
In safer realms of spirit
waiting for the day
when they could come back
home to me, where they belong
waiting for the day
when I would remember my soul's song


Me too, 
I have had to unpack
a lot of shit
the nastiness of my father
and what our family was swimming in
No one spoke about it
And I was expected to forget
It was like it didn't matter
Because I was only 6
But since it remained unspoken
and severely unaddressed
it was just the beginning
of being taken advantage of for sex
after the divorce, my mother's new keeper
also had plans for me
twisting my mind
for years he manipulated me
he was supposed to be my friend
and my therapist that I could trust
but he was really my longer term rapist
a sick bastard with a heart of dust 


Me too, 
I have been lost
in the darkest of despair
I've wanted to end my life
I believed that no one cared
I couldn't even see
The truth of my own suffering
or of what was even really happening
Gaslighting and denial
surrounded me at every turn
and not just in my family
But in this culture, where I learned
that if a woman or a girl
is raped or abused
it's because she brought it on herself
and deserved to be used
No one talked about incest
Or to watch out for predators
in your own family nest
"stranger danger"
"don't be a slut"
"don't go out too late"
"sometimes they'll just touch your butt"
no one told me
that your most likely to get assaulted
by someone you know
because its easy to get targeted
because its easy to hide
because no one expects it
to come from the inside
my whole reality was denied and twisted
For so long I never even spoke about it
no one asked
and no one listened


Me too, 
I was frozen in my fear
body locked in trauma mode
looking into the head lights like a deer
My strength left out in the cold
Unable to defend myself
Didn't even know that I could
My cries of protest were put down
I was told to behave like a "good woman" should
So I learned to be passive
About so many god damn things
I was told assertive was aggressive
And that things were expected of me
Not just by my abusers
But by society at large
to be a bundle of contradictions, 
was my womanly charge
Be sexy, but not slutty
Be smart, but not intimidating
Be athletic, but not too masculine
Be independent, but get to dating
My sisters feel me on this
That short list is just the beginning
Being a "good woman" in this culture
is to be nice and permitting
of bullshit and more bullshit
of having less and being asked for more
to be abandoned in the face of violence
but expected to be the compassionate core
the caretaker and the mother
for every man who stumbles and falls
and needs to be nurtured
like all of me is always on call 


Me too, 
eventually I learned
about coercion and consent
eventually I learned
what my experiences really meant
I learned that all my no's
all my arguing and crying
all my attempts to stop it
that my body was never lying
that my body truly is sacred
my own temple of divinity
that I can always know my own truth
by trusting the voice inside of me
when I reconnected with that voice
and heard it crying out for me to hear
I said to myself, "Never again"
and my loyalty to my abuser disappeared
Mindfully being in my body
Has taught me so much
It has given me the ground
To stand up and rise above
The story doesn't end there
Though my courage got me through it
There has been so much wounding
And it's a lot of work to heal it
I've been diligent on my path
And have shed a lot
I keep embracing my shadows
and give them all the love I got
Re-finding my spiritual center
Has been the biggest thing
It's the place where the magic happens
It's the place where my soul sings
Connecting to my spirit within
And making safe connections without
Learning to be my own friend
And how to say "NO" good and loud
Becoming more aware, 
And more aware again
Recognizing my old patterns
And dismantling my internalized oppression


Me too, 
I'm tired of this shit
I don't want this for our children
this can't be the world they live in
we can't keep this going
this rape culture of old
the powers that be think it's fitting
and don't want us to break the mold
but we have broken our silence
and that's just the beginning
wait till they see what else we're up to
wait till they see what else is coming
as privileged men take notice
of how many of their sisters and brothers
have been assaulted and abused
they can no longer deny it
they can no longer make an excuse
for their own behaviors
and the ways they subtly participate
for the ways they take advantage
in this culture of rape
because the truth of the matter
is that they are suffering too
exiled from their tender emotions
it's a whole other kind of abuse
because they will be out-casted and accosted
for their sadness or pain
they have to adopt the Machismo
and hide their hearts in shame
they've live so long so disconnected
that they don't understand the pain
that is caused by their power and privilege
so they look elsewhere for blame
for their frustration and anxiety
for their loneliness too
and then they respond how they can
in the ways the patriarchy tells them to
But as we stand in our truths
of the anger, hurt and shame
all of us brave me-too'ers
We're teaching them that they can do the same
That it is strength to feel
That it is brave to heal
That community is the deal
That having emotions is real
We are creating a NEW culture
of honesty, bravery, and communication
or accountability and shared power
of consent and equal participation
We are shifting the game
and it's about damn time
we are demanding a change
and creating a new paradigm


Me too, 
Out of the shadows
Like freedom lights in the dark
#MeToo, arises from so many
A social movement, sparked
Let us fan the flames
and create a wild fire
That will sweep the wide world
And dismantle patriarchy's empire
It's about us all being honest
in our full humanity
It's about us all being honest
about this culture of insanity
It may have been given to us
passed down for generations
but now it is up to us
to rise up and change it
and we can do it
with compassionate anger
we can confront the oppressors
we can do it
with compassionate love
we can heal our brothers and sisters
we have to face our darkness
within our own selves and without
illuminate the tarnish
and embrace what we'd rather forget about
embrace our hurt and pain
embrace the prevalence of the problem
embrace our differences in privilege
stop denying these things to solve them
we need to look to new ways
to relate to each other and connect
remember the truth of spirit
and share peace, love, unity, and respect
it all begins right inside
our own tender hearts
doing work in our communities
is how change starts
then the energy grows
and so does our strength and confidence
with this the movement grows
and we take it to the senate and the congress
the rules of this land
are ours to shape and mold
power to the people
we just need to be courageous and bold
we can change this culture
we can change our society
we can change our government
because we co-create this reality


Me too, 
I believe in the power of spirit
Me too, 
I believe we can do it