The term reverberates in my soul

My heart feels heavy 

And the words sound cold

The bitter notes 

And disdain often implied

Because I am white

Questions must arise...

Did she steal this wisdom?

How does she have the right? 

She's not of native blood

She's just an appropriating white


But as a White Shaman 

I have faced the truth 

That although the West has forgotten 

We all have indigenous roots


As a white person

My skin and privilege point to the history 

Of oppression and violence

The Colonization Legacy

This Culture of Control

That has done everything, 

it can to devastate and eliminate 

The Shamanic ways from the lands 

To oppress and erase 

The natural uprising of Spirit

Through a culture that reflects 

That ALL life is sacred 


This started with the Romans 

And eventually spread to American dirt,

Colonization Cultural Control 

Has engulfed the peoples of Earth

First attacking and terrorizing 

Indigenous ways across Europe

The disease of Colonization 

became a global epidemic 

The colonized became the colonizers 

With hate and a vengeance 

Declaring there's only one way

And it's our way or violence 


So deeply traumatized 

And so painfully blind to it 

Europeans became the oppressors 

And spread their trauma around the planet

The ways of the Shaman 

We're an affront to their lies

So they burned witches at the stake

And suppressed pagan's rights 

They required assimilation 

From all First People Nations 

Murdered those who resisted 

And misappropriated pagan traditions 

And all of this 

was to keep us submissive 

Easier to control and not

Questioning the system 

All this, was exactly what was done to them

And We're all reliving this trauma

Again and again and again 


As white person in America 

I have grown up very privileged

But I have also grown up 

Disconnected from Shamanic traditions

I'm a Shaman in my soul 

It is the foundation of my being 

But I've grown up in a culture 

That doesn't reflect my way of Seeing 

So I've felt suicidal and alone 

Discontented and disembodied 

Unable to understand my torment 

And the spiritual path that was calling me 

It has been a revelation 

And a true spiritual awakening 

To remember my Shamanic roots

And heed the Witchy call beckoning 

I am a bruja, a medicine woman  

A Buddhist and alchemist too

I am a pagan and a mystic 

Ancient tree spirit deep in my roots 


So I am a White Shaman

That's what what you can call me

Identify me by my assigned culture 

But don't forget my true identity 

I am a person of Earth 

And I worship and pray as earthlings do

I respect and honor the old ways 

And allow my medicine to come through 

I share a deep connection with the land

And all the creatures on it

I study the magic of trance 

And dance my soul and spirit 

I bring healing and wisdom 

And my highest truth is Love

I pray for peace in all directions

And journey below and above 

I perform ritual in sacred ceremony 

And smudge and sing 

I walk the path most true for me 

And listen to my soul in all things 


As a White Shaman 

I am reclaiming my connection to life

I am returning to the sacred 

And I'm here to serve the divine 

There's a lot of healing to be done 

A lot of trauma on Earth 

And I will play my part 

In our collective rebirth 

The old ways are returning 

Married together hand in hand 

With new ways that are blooming 

Its the rebirth of the diverse Shamans

There's no one way anymore 

No need to have to follow their rules

The Colonization Culture is toppling 

Their tower is in ruins 

Too many of us go hungry 

For justice, peace, and light 

We need all our Earth Worshipers 

All Spiritual Warriors of the Divine 


Colonization Culture Control

And White Supremacy 

Have taken their sickening toll

And to end it, is our destiny 

The Earth loving magic creators

From traditions old and new 

Must band together 

To address this fundamental issue

As a White Shaman 

I know it is my sacred duty 

Not only to reclaim my roots

But end white supremacy

It's time to heal

And time to make things right 

It's time for Shamans to step forward 

From all walks of life 

Together we make a rainbow 

And if we can all unite 

We will make a movement 

A Revolution of the Divine 


For this I pray

Deep in my sacred heart 

I pray for the Warriors of the Rainbow

For cultural healing to start