My skin keeps me safe

No one questions if I belong

I walk the streets white

And no one assumes that I'm wrong 

My privilege means 

That I don't "have" to say anything 

It's this illusion that white supremacy 

Doesn't really effect me

But this couldn't be further 

from the truth of what's happening 

I'm supported every day

Given free passes and extras on my plate 

People aren't afraid of me

They open doors for me 

This whole white woman pedestal thing

Deep in the fabric of our society

Elevating people who look like me

And oppressing the diversity 


White supremacy privileges me

And everyone else white or lite skinned too

And while we may find this disgusting

It doesn't matter if we don't address the issue 

We can feel uncomfortable 

We can feel guilty and sad

We can even feel horrified

Rageful and beyond mad 

But what good are these feelings

If they are just felt and not acted upon

What good is it to be silent 

When you know racism is wrong 

As a white skinned woman

I have a responsibility 

To turn that pedestal into a platform 

And use it to denounce white supremacy 

Because in our society my voice is more valued 

And given more room to be heard 

It's an ethical humanitarian obligation 

To shout BLACK LIVES MATTER, and spread the word

That this hate and fear of darker skin

Is unacceptable and unwelcomed


To say #ThisIsNotUs

Is a lie and a crock of shit 

Because we have been rocking it 

Since 1776

Take a deep breath

And open up your eyes

America was founded on white supremacy 

America conquered, grew, and thrived 

America became a world power 

Because of the white supremacy LIE

This has been our legacy 

Our deepest shadow and shame 

We keep trying to suppress it 

Or simply shift the blame:

"No it's the red neck over there!

He's the one who's insane!"

"It's the cis-hetero white man,

He's the one causing the pain!"

"It's the republicans! It's Trump supporters!

 It's all the 1%-ers in private planes!"

Some of us may be more racist 

And some of us have more privilege too

But we are all accountable and complicit 

Because we all allow this game to continue

This game of better than and difference 

Othering and oppressive violence 

Gaslighting and segregation

Hateful acts on blacks met with white silence


. . . . . Crickets . . . . . 


Enough is more than enough

It's time to step it up 

From just talking about light and love

Time to grab this culture and shake it up

Time to step into the sacred fight 

As Spiritual white women 

Reclaiming our connection to the divine,

Honoring the interconnection of all life, 

And empowering ourselves to shine, 

We are prepared and ready! 

Energy cleansed, cleared, and aligned!  

Armed with spiritual wisdom and strength

Here to fight on the front lines


We fight with words, prayers, and art

We rally, we speak, we march 

We reflect on our own racism and privilege 

Own up to our own flaws

Heal our own shadow parts

Before reacting, we take a sacred pause

We challenge white supremacy 

In every day occurrences and conversations 

We seek to co-create harmony 

By confronting fear, hate and fascism

If we want a world of unity

Blessed from below and above 

We must engage in sacred activism 

And embody the courage of light and love


We must speak out against hate 

In every way can 

We must show up in community 

We must all take a stand 

There's a lot of pedestals out there

With lots of compassionate white women on top

Lots of spiritual warriors of the divine feminine  

To stand together and demand this to stop

Imagine, what we could accomplish

Millions of us strong 

Imagine the peace we could bring 

If we joined voices in sacred song 

We have a lot of privilege and power

We have the sanity to know what's up

Imagine if we stopped being silent 

Imagine, my sisters, if we all stood up



From my sacred heart to yours, 

Alicia Sunflower