Hello I’m Sunflower


Along my path of healing, awakening, and ascension there came a time when I had opened myself up to a whole new level of the remembering of my spirit and the Truth of the All That Is. This came for me after a pivotal moment of awakening after I received my first energy healing. A few days following that session, I was opened to the deep truth of me, which is spirit, that everything is spirit, and that my calling is to live my life through the lens of this Truth.

In that moment, everything changed.

A tremendous shift occurred and I opened up to my path as a healer and a Lightworker. As I continued to integrate this new Truth, I felt a calling to a new name, one that represented the embodiment of my spirit here on this Earth Walk. Through a series of synchronistic happenings, the name Sunflower kept coming to me, though I did not recognize it at first. That spring I planted sunflowers, I kept receiving sunflowers and images of sunflowers as gifts, and in that pivotal healing session I was told that when I fully let down the walls around my heart my life would be magic, play, sunshine, and sunflowers.


That summer, at my first music festival, Paradiso 2016, I had a transformative and awakening experiencing. To see so many of my brothers and sisters embodying their freedom and unique expression of self, all while shining the true light of love in their eyes as they connected with one another, changed me forever. I received many downloads helping me to understand the bigger picture of the connections between spirit, psychology, and culture, and was able to see and understand more of my unique Soul Purpose and Path.

During the last night of the festival I found myself riding the waves of truth and bliss, feeling the deep interconnectedness of spirit, within and without. While dancing I allowed myself to sink even more deeply into my heart and surrendered to spirit fully. As I did so, I entered into a shamanic state of consciousness while dancing. While I connected with different folks sharing that state of consciousness, one woman approached me with a gift. She had for me a “Kandi” bracelet. She insisted it was for me even though I didn’t have any Kandi to trade with her. It was a rainbow bead pattern and it had one small flower charm on it. She told me with a huge smile, “it’s a sunflower!” In that moment, Spirit opened my eyes to the truth of my name: Sunflower! That’s me!


Since that time I have claimed the name Sunflower as my own. It is my Truth. It is my gift. It is my purpose. It is a true expression of my soul, and a reminder of why I am here.

As your Sunflower, it is my mission to remind you of your divinity. To help my brothers and sisters of Earth remember their divine heritage and supreme Truth that all life is sacred. It is my honor to share my healing gifts and medicine ways with the collective as an offering and as a prayer for our collective ascension and evolution. It is my mission to shine my light far and wide, to help inspire you to do the same. I have absolute faith in the unfolding of the divine plan here on earth and am so grateful to be a part of the ascension wave kicking off the turning of the cycles moving us towards the next golden age. Aho! Aha! Aiy-yi-ya!

Yellow as the sun.

Radiant as the light.

Sunflower reminds us,

that there is a way out of the dark night.

Stand tall in your Truths!

Remember your magic!

Spirit is in all,

so be you and be unapologetic!

Face the sun,

gaze into the light of Truth,

have faith in Spirit,

and in all that you can do.

You are here for a purpose

and loved so deeply.

So trust in the unfolding

of this great mystery!

Devote your life to Spirit

to the the ultimate Truth,

And watch the blessings and joy,

that magnetize to you!

Have hope in your heart,

and let your courage be your guide.

This life is a beautiful gift,

So, allow your inner light to shine!