Co-creating the cultural r(E)volution

Join host Alicia Sunflower—Spiritually Grounded Psychotherapist, Soul Purpose Mentor, Medicine Womxn, and Artist—as we journey through the co-created waters of our cultural spiritual reality. Dive deep with us and our guests as we explore the manifestation of culture as an expression of embodied consciousness, cycling through the great cycles of time and consciousness here on earth. Through understanding and mastering the magikal intersection point of the individual, metaphysical, spiritual, and cultural, we awaken to deeper levels of truth and stronger powers of conscious creation. Tune in and tune up as we arise and remember that all life is sacred through interviews with folks who are a part of this grand co-creation of the cultural r(e)volution! It’s a long road to the next Golden Era, but we are blessed to create it together. Come make some Cultural Magik with us! Knowing that, in truth, we got this.