I dance · I create · I play · this is how i pray.

As a being of embodied spirit, of the duality of source living in and of matter, my spirituality is grounded in the physical. I practice what I refer to as Embodied Prayer--the practice of being present and mindful in my physical body and allowing spirit to be channeled through me. Embodied Prayer includes singing, dancing, yoga, martial arts, poetry/writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. It is the practice of coming into the body and using its creative forces to live and embody our prayers and our connection to the Divine. I invite you to play with me, as I sing, dance, teach, and create, for this is how I pray. Namaste and infinite blessings of love and gratitude. 


Talks and Musical Medicine



I honor and respect your path for you, and mine for me. This is the kind of love that sets us free.
— Alicia Sunflower